If a house has good kerb appeal, it means your house looks great from the outside and makes people want to buy it. With the inside of your home taking a priority, exteriors can often be overlooked and forgotten about. However, a study conducted by the HomeOwners Alliance found that an astonishing 68% of buyers thought their perception of a property was swayed by their initial judgement of how well the home was presented.  

Whether you are looking to sell or rent your home, our five ways to improve kerb appeal will help make a lasting impression.  

1. Fresh lick of paint 

With a fresh lick of paint on your door, you can transform the front of your home. Choose a nice subtle colour to make potential buyers and tenants take a second glance. Simple things such as putting a nice ‘welcome home’ mat entice people, and finally adding a doorbell or door number plaque can add that extra touch that buyers love and helps to set your property apart. 

2. Houses painted odd colours 

Although a nice painted door can entice buyers, oddly painted houses can devalue your property, especially if you live in a semi-detached property. Houses that are unnatural colours and stand out too much in comparison to the rest of the street can leave some buyers turned off. Unless you live in a coastal town where the streets are filled with colour, try to steer away from bright and bold – instead if you’re in a semi-detached or terrace property try to match your home colour to that of neighbours to create a cohesive look.  

 3. New fencing and new driveways  

When purchasing a property or getting ready to sell, it’s a bonus to have new fencing and new driveways. As much as this is kerb appeal for potential buyers and renters, it’s a sensible investment for the property. If you’re faced with a shared driveway, it’s easier to get both sides done at the same time to save costs and make both houses look immaculate.  

 4. Tall trees 

Even if your neighbour’s garden is pruned to perfection, large trees can be off-putting as they block sunlight, which can significantly impact the price when the property is viewed. This can also be the case with fruit trees as many buyers don’t like the thought of having to pick up moldy apples that have dropped from an overhanging tree. Try to keep large trees well maintained and if they don’t serve a purpose, such as privacy, then consider removing them if they’re on your property. 

5. New windows, soffits and facias 

Although it’s not something you’d instantly notice when visiting a property for the first time, old windows, soffits and facias can be a deal breaker for many. As they are a large cost, buyers tend to value a property more if they have newly fitted windows, soffits and facias. Alternatively, if a property next door has single-glazed windows and damaged soffits, especially on a semi-detached, buyers and renters will be more likely to put in a lower offer. 

At Gascoines, we’ve been helping people buy homes and sell homes all over Nottinghamshire for more than 65 years. We continuously work to ensure we’re providing the best customer service possible, so that your home-buying and selling journey is a positive one. Get in touch today to speak to one of our property experts.  

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