While spring is a great time to renovate your home and add value, it can be an expensive and time-consuming commitment. Thankfully, there are plenty of DIY fixes that require little cash investment but can lead to increased property market value. Our office manager Jess Mitchell has five low-cost DIY tips that could add great value to your home, whether you are looking to sell or rent. 

1. Transform the front of your home

A fresh look to the outside of your home can add thousands through enhancing its kerb appeal. By sprucing up your front door and window frames with a lick of paint, at a small cost from only £10 per tin, you can transform the front of your home. 

Using nice subtle colours also sets the tone for what’s inside, creating love at first sight for potential buyers before they have even set foot inside. 

2. Panelling walls

Panelling not only adds a desirable on trend feature but can often make your home look more expensive for little cost. Panelling can create depth and interest when looking at plain and square spaces and therefore stand out among properties with similar footprints – adding around £2,000 onto the value of your property.  

For less than £200 you can buy your chosen paint colour and materials needed depending on how big the space is. With DIY panelling you can improve modern spaces with touches of character, that don’t require upkeep. Why not try painting the wall behind a bold colour to really make the natural tone of the wood pop? 

3. Replacing fixtures and fittings

Replacing old taps, light switches and doorknobs are just some of the many simple changes that a lot of sellers don’t think about when looking to bump up the value of their home. Not only can they be surprisingly transformative but are low cost and easy to install yourself. 

Costing around £100 to replace ten door handles, a new set can add a more modern and finished look to your property and not give a buyer any excuse to haggle you down. 

4: Well-maintained garden

An unkempt or overgrown garden gives an impression of neglect and leaves buyers with more questions about how well maintained the home is. A manageable garden can save buyers money in the long run, and ensure your property gains its maximum market value, even up to around £5,000 more. And the best thing, if you’ve got a lawnmower and some gardening shears, the only thing you will have to spend is a bit of time. 

5: Fill with light

A poorly lit property can give the perception of a space feeling small or cramped, potentially leaving a couple thousand pounds of value off the table if buyers feel they need to spend money remodeling the layout to get the desired bright and open look. 

Fortunately, there are easy and cost-effective ways to make it seem brighter. Swapping out dark and heavy curtains for lighter colours and materials instantly opens up a room, and strategically positioning mirrors to reflect the light back into the room is a great technique. 

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